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::Kurt's JournaL::

"Welcome To the Desert of Real"

2 August
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This is my journal as u can see. I used to have KKurt24281 but now this is the new journal. If u want to add me then comment saying that you are adding me!:) i hope u do. I want new friends.
$$$, a beautiful mind, a good lyric, aim, animatrix, ashton kutcher, bannana shake, beach, being in love, bodyboarding, boobies and such, boston, boston red sox, brasilian food, brass knuckles, breast implants, bright eyes, britney spears, building things, cars, cell phones, cherries, chinese food, choppers, christina aguilera, coffee, cold, cold nights, courage the cowardly dog, crash test dummies, cuddling, dancing, datting, disney world, dominos pizza, drawing, dvds, ebay, elf, enrique iglesias, flowers, food, friday, fruit loops, full metal jacket, g5, girls, grand theft auto iii, guitar, halloween, hanging out with friends, hapiness, hoodies, hot girls, hotrods, i hate mustangs, italian food, jackass, jesse james, jessie james, johnny knoxville, justin timberlake, kazaa, laptops, lilo & stitch, lipgloss, lips, live, livejournal, love, making out, massachusetts, massages, massaging oils, meeting new people, michael jackson, midgets, money, moon, movies, music, my car, my girls, my pillow, neo, nice lips, nip/tuck, not drinking, not smoking, nsync, nyc, orlando, outkast, paris hilton, pirates of the carabian, pirates of the carribean, porn, presents, pretty eyes, ps2, rain, reading, relaxation, samurai jack, saving private ryan, sex, silver, skirts, slc punk, soccer, speedos, stars, steak'n shake, summer, sun, swing music, switch blades, talkin on the phone, tap dancing, tarzan, tattoos, tennis, that '70s show, the matrix, the world, thongs, threesum, titanic, trust, vagina, vanila coke, vanilla coke, vice city, will, x-mas, xbox,